November 26, 2021

Zettelkasten Tooling Updates - Obsidian

Here’s another installation in my ongoing series of zettelkasten tooling updates. I have changed up my preferred set of tooling again in the time since the last post, and I’m now using Obsidian. I discussed my reasons for not using Obsidian in that last post, but both Obsidian and my workflow have changed some since then.

My main complaint in the past post about Obsidian was its autocompletion for note-to-note links. I’m not sure if there was a software update to fix this while I was using Foam or what, but the autocompletion seems much better now. I can’t really think of any complaints with the Obsidian editor compared to VS Code with Foam.

I also have relied quite a bit on Obsidian’s Zootelkeeper plugin, which automatically adds links to newly created links in an index file in the note’s directory. This plugin makes it easy to keep a link between similar notes without manually adding references to every related note throughout the new note. As a result, my Zettelkasten keeps a nice looking graph automatically:

Obsidian Graph

Even though I’ve switched tools a lot before, I’d be surprised if I end up with another, similar post about switching to a new tool in the future. Obsidian is fitting great with my workflow, and it seems to have a community dedicated to continually making it even better.